Who we are

  • Permanent business relationships
  • Trust
  • Partnership and mutual understanding of needs
  • Collaboration without barriers
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity

    Our products go to countries on all continents.

    Thanks to the ability to build long-term business relationships based on partnership and mutual understanding of needs, regardless of geographical barriers, the company cooperates with recipients in European countries, in the USA, Canada and the Near and Far East.



    • Become our strategic partner
    • High quality products
    • Intime delivery
    • Professional customer service

    • Wholesale
    • Restaurants
    • Importers

    Why work with us

    30 years of experience

    During 30 years of operation of our company, we have created a team of experienced, energetic and creative people. Our many years of experience allow us to maintain a high level of services.

    Mission and Vision

    Hungaricum’s mission is to offer brand products, the most valued by consumers. Our vision is to increase the number of satisfied customers in all corners of the world.

    Quality and Freshness

    We offer high quality products that always come from reliable sources. Customers can be sure that they will receive valuable and fresh products.

    Trust and Partnership

    As trust grows, a partnership appears in action. An organization built on sound foundations and guided by conscious management staff is based on a culture of trust. This is the starting point for a balanced development of the company.





    +48 661 12 12 81





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