• Cooperation with B2B clients from Poland and international corporations.
  • Matching an existing offer or development product for specialized customer needs.
  • A wide range of products from production plants using the latest technologies.
  • Close cooperation with Production Departments, Quality Assurance to obtain products with the highest quality standards.

The sales department deals with cooperation with clients from Poland and other countries. The main task facing the B2B channel is to match the existing offer in terms of specialized customer needs. Our products are distinguished by excellent quality, which consists not only of using the best raw materials and the use of appropriate technologies, but also the experience and knowledge of our team. Combining the knowledge and experience of sales specialists, the Hungaricum Group offers products of the highest quality standards.

Main directions of foreign sales

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Great Britain, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Iceland, France, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Arab Countries, Australia


We offer wholesalers products known under the well-known brands in packaging adapted to the specifics of recipients. We offer brand products sought and valued by customers. Our offer includes a wide assortment of spices, juices, nectars and drinks, salty and sweet snacks and a complete group of specialized products for animals.


We provide products, among others to: hotels, fast food bars, restaurants, catering, guesthouses, pubs, clubs, as well as conference and sports centers, universities, schools, kindergartens, figachers, and hospitals, online stores and many more. We have built a team of professional sellers and consultants for the HoReCa sector.


Sales to most European Union countries play a particularly important role in our company, we export our products to Russia, Central and Eastern European countries, Middle East countries, Asia, Africa and North America. The distribution and logistics office is responsible for servicing the Company's clients in the field of transport, administration and security of goods. In the field of transport, we only cooperate with reliable carriers. We watch over the right packaging, marking, loading of goods and their freshness. Our colleagues are always present at every stage of the Customer's order execution - from the preparation process to the release of goods.

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