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Our founders, Sandor Pandzarisz and Judit Grosz, founded Panzipet in 1996. Originally limited to a very small range of products, Panzipet grew rapidly in a span of few years and has evolved to own and distribute more than 500 products catering to dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish and reptiles. As a fast-growing company based in Budapest, Panzipet exports its own brands to over 22 countries and is the distributor of several renowned international brands. From 60 square meters’ shop to a warehouse of 3000 square meters – Panzipet is a profound example of passion and entrepreneurship. Our main goal was to create a brand, where qualiy, price, and it's design is guaranteed. Therefore, we have formulated an extensive line of veterinary-controlled recipes that ensure that your pet receives the right nutrition to meet its specific needs depending on age, size, breed and lifestyle. Also, we never use leftover ingredients from slaughter houses in our food because we care about your pet’s welfare as much as you do. Fit-Active is our flagship product family and the most popular choice among our customers. Launched in 2013, this super-premium quality line consists of over 50 products which include dog and cat food, supplements and pet care which are all veterinary controlled. The wide product range meets the needs of every pet owner who wants only the choicest products for his beloved pet based on age, size, breed and lifestyle. FitActive became one of the top-selling brands in Hungary in the pet food category and is highly favored by the breeding community in Hungary.
- Veterinary controlled recipes to strengthen immune system, protect joints and foster growth.
- Selective, high quality ingredients from the best suppliers; only real meat and bone. No byproducts from slaughter houses or leftovers.
- Delicious taste and aroma
- Competitive pricing compared to other super premium brands
We are proud of our heritage. All our products are made in Hungary by our professional staff who share a common passion for the welfare of pets globally. This allows us to guarantee our customers superior quality and nutrition. As a result, our customers love our products and our brands have transcended borders within a short span of time. We export to several countries in Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. And we don’t stop here; for many years, we have been supporting several animal shelters and adoption events with our nutritious products. Our staff visit shelters regularly to donate products and assist the shelter staff in any manner they can.

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